After looking at a previous article concerning Silvio Berlusconi in The Premier League Insider, a decision was made to write about Gigi Becali. Gigi Becali is one of the greatest personalities from Romania and is the owner of FC Steaua Bucuresti.

Becali has come a long way from Romania's Communist era which saw his family exiled to the southeastern area of Romania. The reason for the exile was the disagreement of Becali's family with the Communists who ruled Romania from 1947 to 1989.

Becali is better known as the owner of Steaua Bucuresti and a frequent visitor to the Romanian Television channels to defend his team. He also makes appearances in programs with his singing, dancing, and down to earth personality.

The Premier League Insider has seen Romanian Football programs with Becali. The results are out of this world with Becali never ceasing to amaze.

While there are people who cannot stand Becali, Becali offers humor, happiness, and spontaneity in a world that needs it badly. Many in the sports (including world football) must learn from Gigi Becali and apply humor in programs and articles adapted to the realities of the home area.

The Premier League Insider recommends watching this video of excerpts from Gigi Becali in action.