Jay Jaffa wrote a comment in his latest column for Goal explaining the reasons why Harry Redknapp should not move to Russia. A decision was made at an instant to reply to Mr. Jaffa and explain why Redknapp moving to Russia will be great for both parties involved.

Harry Redknapp

It is not everyday that another country chooses a coach from a previous team. Russia has Redknapp along with Pep Guardiola and Fabio Capello in its list of potential coaches to replace Dick Advocaat who left after the 2012 Euro tournament.

Redknapp can share his expertise as coach of the Tottenham Hotspur with a country that needs direction in football. During his four years with the Spurs (according to ESPN with a h/t to the Associated Press) the club managed to avoid advance from near relegation to the top four tier of The Premier League.

Redknapp took the Spurs towards the UEFA Champions League which was a first in the club's history. According to ESPN, Russia would serve as a trampoline for the English coaching job if Redknapp decides to return to his country.

If Redknapp remains in Russia, he could be the center of a historical breakthrough in the history of football. Russia is undergoing a lot of changes in football which is positive.


Russia is preparing for the 2018 FIFA World Cup and the Russian Premier League made recent changes in its schedule to accomodate the rest of Europe. Russia is an emerging giant along with Poland, Ukraine, and other Central/Eastern European countries in the world of football.

Zenit St. Petersburg has Luciano Spaletti as coach and Advocaat once coached the team. Anzhi Makhachkala has players from other countries such as Roberto Carlos and Samuel Eto'o in their ranks.

Russia is also studying the experience of Poland and Ukraine in the 2012 Euro tournament in the hopes of learning from them. The purpose is to apply what was learned for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

The examples of such desire for learning and progress is being appreciated in places such as Yaroslavl and Ekaterinburg. In other words, Russia is the next frontier in football.


It remains to be seen what will transpire but Redknapp should grasp the opportunity offered to him. It may never materialize in the near and/or distant future.