I have decided to write an article about Hope Solo after reading too many negative comments about her in the press. The reason was a perceived "arrogance" from Hope Solo after her elimination as a contestant in the ABC Network Reality TV Show "Dancing With The Stars".

I do not think that Hope Solo was arrogant; she did her best under hostile conditions, which existed. The ABC program "Dancing With The Stars" is (in my opinion) full of criteria that Hope Solo was unable to meet.

My advice to the Hope Solo haters in Reality TV and beyond is the following: your criticisms will boomerang on you. Please do not judge others if you do not want people to judge you.

My opinion of Hope Solo remains the same.

Hope Solo is the greatest US Soccer player now and she devotes her time to causes such as the Bank Of America marathon. Hope Solo has never shirked away from anything. Hope Solo proved that a person could play world football while recovering from shoulder surgery.

Hope Solo was graceful when the USA lost to Japan in the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup. Hope Solo is also a down to earth person who appeared in an ESPN commercial with Alex Morgan.

The commercial showed Hope Solo and Alex Morgan introducing them before playing world football with people dressed as mascots. A commercial revealed the human side of Hope Solo and US Soccer.

Hope Solo is the greatest American who is shining at a time when today's society values mediocrity like Reality TV Shows.