Crystal Palace Manager Ian Holloway has been charged by the Football Association [FA] after his team lost to the Tottenham Hotspur. The issue was Spurs defeating Crystal Palace after Roberto Soldado scored on a penalty during the second half of the match.

Holloway allegedly accused the referees of favoritism and said it is common in the Premier League. Holloway said that he was used to favoritism from referees while talking about his past experience as Blackburn manager.

The controversial manager went on to say that the Tottenham Hotspur will experience referee partiality in a future match against Manchester United. Holloway provided proof by allegedly accusing Nacer Chadli of the Spurs with a deliberate foul against Stephen Dobbie.

The Crystal Palace manager went as far and said that the Spurs produced a handball. FA Replied almost immediately after Holloway’s declarations with the following charges.

Holloway is charged with improper conduct, questioning the referees’ integrity and the match itself.  The FA gave Holloway three days to respond to the accusations.

Whether any form of technology would have resolved this dispute remains to be seen. While Holloway receives respect for speaking his mind and the truth, there is a question about the results of the Spurs vs. Crystal Palace match.

Before making statements about referees and the match, Holloway should have thought before making any statements. Holloway should prepare his appeal within three days by showing the FA proof that his accusations are valid.

This is not an easy task since referee impartiality cannot be proven. If Holloway can provide proof of the use of a handball from the Spurs, he could receive a lesser penalty.

Can Holloway come out of this problem after experiencing something similar remains to be seen.