Inter Milan announced that they are returning to the negotiating table with Tevez and his representatives. The announcement came after AC Milan announced that it was no longer interested in Tevez.

According to The Mirror, Inter Milan is willing to offer $32m for Tevez the Traitor. The talks are to take place after the derby between Inter Milan and AC Milan this Sunday.

The reason behind the decision of AC Milan to drop Tevez from consideration is Alexandre Pato. Alexandre Pato refused to leave AC Milan to join Paris Saint-Germain.

While the future for Tevez (in spite of his indifference) is in limbo, AC Milan benefited from Pato remaining. Pato is loyal to AC Milan while Tevez is a traitor to The Premier League.

Tevez refused to obey Manchester City coach Roberto Mancini during the UEFA Champions League match against Bayern Munich. What else can be said about Tevez.