Carlos Tevez (The Traitor) is going to AC Milan with the blessings of Roberto Mancini (Manchester City coach). The news was reported in Sky Sport News and

Adriano Galliani (AC Milan Vice President) received permission from Manchester City to speak with The Traitor's agent. Mancini expressed his delight of the possibility of negotiations which would help the club.

Tevez has been in Argentina since he refused to appear before Manchester City to answer to his betrayal of the club. While Manchester City is doing the right thing in trading Tevez for January, AC Milan is making a mistake.

The solution for Tevez The Traitor is to ban him from World Football for his treason. Tevez can one day to the same thing to AC Milan that he did with Manchester City.

The only exception would be if AC Milan signs Tevez under the condition that he submits himself to a psychological evaluation. It remains to be seen how this will play out.