The controversial QPR [Queens Park Ranger] midfielder Joey Barton rejected an offer from Crystal Palace. Barton decided to stay put in QPR and wished the club and its manager Ian Holloway the best season.

Barton may have made irrational decisions in the past but this appears to be the right one for two reasons. After all, a football player who detests Justin Bieber and argues with his fans has the ability to make right decisions.

QPR Redemption

It appears that Barton wants to break away from his past and he left an impression in the French Ligue 1 team Marseilles. Apparently he is leaving a great impression with QPR according to an article by David Kent of The Daily Mail.

Since Barton’s arrival, he participated in all four of QPR’s English League Championship matches without incidence. According to ESPN-FC, Barton has four shots in the matches he participated in.

He has yet to score a goal and assist but it appears that everything appears to be all right. The QPR 2013/14 English League Championship fixture reveals three victories and one draw.

While Barton has managed to maintain composure in the current Championship season, there is another side of him. It is another reason why Barton did the right thing in turning down Crystal Palace.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Barton was not a great example in his previous periods with English teams such as QPR, Manchester City, and Newcastle. Who cannot forget his 12 match ban [when QPR faced Manchester City in 2012] after fighting Carlos Tevez, Sergio Aguero, and Vincent Kompany?

If Barton accepted the offer from Crystal Palace, eventually he would have fought the players in his team and opponents. Barton would have tested the patience of Holloway, the supporters, and even the Crystal Palace cheerleaders.


While witnessing a Joey Barton who appears to be at peace with himself, it is better to see how the season unfolds.