The news about Roman Abramovich sacking Andre Villas-Boas as Chelsea coach spreads like a domino effect through the sports world.  At the same time, the Daily Mail reports that Jose Mourinho (Real Madrid coach) is apartment hunting in London.

Jose Mourinho was once coach of Chelsea and should return as one for many reasons. The decision is made to underline the three cardinal reasons why Mourinho should return.

I. Compatibility with the Premier League

While Mourinho is a success as coach of Real Madrid, his confrontational style has earned enemies in Santiago Bernabeu. The recent scandal of Pepe stomping on Leo Messi's hand during an encounter between Barca and Real Madrid does not help the situation.

Mouirnho has been the subject of satire for his coaching style and personality in Spanish television programs. The Catalan TV station TV3 has a comedy show aptly titled Crackovia.

The following video from You Tube and TV3 gives an example of the puns about Mourinho that leave people laughing. Mourinho is tiring of La Liga and is expressing nostalgia for his era in the Premier League.

In Chelsea and England, Mourinho commands the respect of the people in The Premier League. The time has come for Mourinho to return to England.

II. Chelsea May Become Great Again

Mourinho achieved a lot while managing CHelsea between 2004 to 2007. The achivements of Mourinho includes victories for Chelsea in the FA Cup, Carling Cup, and the Premiership.

While the risk exists that Mourinho may not repeat the success of previous years, there is a possibility that it can happen.

III. Chelsea Supporters Want Mourinho To Return

The gorwing movement for Mourinho's return to Chelsea has a site with a petition. If the people want to give Mourinho another opportunity, give them what they want.


While Chelsea has a temporary manager for the remaining season, it should think about who will take over in the next Premier League season. If Chelsea accepts Mourinho, it is hoped that the club can rise again from the ashes of defeat and humiliation.