Jose Mourinho and Ronaldo are facing increasing pressure in Real Madrid for their performance. The pressure comes in light of Real Madrid being in first place in the 2011-2012 La Liga BBVA Season.

The result is that the duo from Real Madrid are expressing nostalgia for the Premier League. What can be said about the two?

Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho has been facing pressure from Real Madrid because of the team being unable to defeat FC Barcelona. Mourinho has been booed in a match against Club Atletico Bilbao.

Mourinho has recently expressed nostalgia for his time at Chelsea. The current manager of Chelsea is Andre Villas Boa.

Villa Boas is also facing pressure from Chelsea for his performance. The pressure has lead certain people to talk about a possible return of Mourinho to Cheslea.


Ronaldo recently celebrated his birthday admitting that he is deceived with his move to Real Madrid. The Sunday Express (England) published an article stating that Ronaldo wants to return to the Premier League.

Ronaldo recently has been the object of derision within Spain and Real Madrid because of his attitude in life. The problem is if the Premier League is willing to take him back.

A year ago, Ronaldo talked about returning to the Premier League with a move to Manchester City. The demands by Ronaldo of retaining his own number and other perks was out of line.


It is too early to predict what will transpire with Mourinho and Ronaldo. I am willing to predict that if Real Madrid and Chelsea have problems with their managers, Villa-Boas may be out of Chelsea.

The exit of Villa-Boas from Chelsea may pave the way for a return of Mourinho. Mourinho would then leave Real Madrid.

Is it possible for Mourinho to perform miracles the second time at Chelsea? The answer remains to be seen.

Ronaldo returning to the Premier League would have to be in accordance with the FIFA Fair Financial Play rules. The clubs or Ronaldo would have to tone down their demands for more money and perks given the economic situations in most clubs.