Juam Mata said good bye to Chelsea as he signs with Manchester United. While the media such as The Daily Mail celebrates the latest arrival to Old Trafford, there is bound to be problems.

KICK TV repoted that the move may not resolve issues that affect the Red Devils since the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson. I think that the whole thing is a mistake that will haunt Manchester United in the long run.

Juan Mata may have accomplished a lot during his time in Chelsea, this may not be the case with Manchester United. Who can forget Fernando Torres after his transfer from Liverpool to Chelsea?

Torres was one of the greatest players when he played for Liverpool. After signing with Chelsea, Torres' career went downward with his lack of goals. 

The sporadic scoring of goals for Torres did not change public perception of him. This eventually affected Torres after being subjected to pressure for more goals.

The result was Torres being ridiculed by the press and Chelsea supporters. In other words, what works in one club may not work in another.

While there may be some Chelsea supporters who wish Mata well, the opposite may be true. Chelsea and Manchester United are bitter rivals in the Premier League [EPL].

There are people who may look at Mata's signing with United as an act of betrayal. It is these fanatics that might humiliate Mata during future Chelsea vs. Manchester United matches.

While I wish Mata the best in his career change, he should have thought about it carefully.


Video courtesy of KICK TV