Jurgen Klopp [Borussia Dortmund manager] professed his preference for Arsenal over FC Barcelona. He went as far as to suggest that Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger should be knighted according to a report from The Mirror.

The reasons apparently stated by Klopp is a preference for football that is allegedly proactive such as matches with rain, thunder, and mud.Klopp described his football with players having mud on their faces

In other words, Klopp preferred the "fighting" football prevalent in England and Germany. While Klopp's comments might be construed as psychological warfare, fighting football with rain and mud is great.

A football match with rain, thunder, and mud tests the mettle of the players and team. The people who watch the match such as USA vs. Honduras in 2011 enjoyed it as well.

I do not agree with Klopp about his assessment of FC Barcelona especially his play. Klopp said that he would have played tennis instead of playing for Barca.

Barca does a great job playing fighting football and has experience. In the year 2008, Barca defeated Malaga in one of the muddiest matches in La Liga.

Klopp should have looked at the Malaga vs Barca match before talking about fighting football. The only thing to say is that Arsenal may have a tough time in Germany against Klopp, Lewandowski, and Borussia Dortmund.