Juventus has decided to compete with AC Milan to sign Carlos Tevez during January. Manchester City is demaning $6.6 Million for a six month loan and $28 M additional for a permanent transfer deal according to articles published in the Gazetta Dello Sport and The Daily Mail,

Juventus is making a mistake in wanting Tevez the Traitor. The following is a brief review of what has transpired with Tevez and Manchester City in the past few months.

Tevez receives $12 M a year from Manchester City and there is the possibility that he may be on the way out in January. The reasons is that Tevez betrayed Manchester City during the club's UEFA Champions League against FC Bayern Munchen a few months ago.

The betrayal consisted in Tevez refusing to play when ordered by Roberto Mancini (Manchester City coach). The result was Manchester City losing to FC Bayern Munchen in the match.

Manchester City was able to recoup but Mancini does not think the club can advance in the current UEFA Champions League season.  Manchester City fined Tevez for breach of contract committed during the macth.

The Professional Footballers' Association (PFA) attempted to help Tevez by forcing Manchester City to reduce its punishment. Tevez was supposed to meet with Manchester City and PFA to discuss his future.

The response of Tevez was to go to Argentina without consulting Manchester City and the PFA. The PFA felt betrayed for their efforts to help Tevez.

AC Milan and Juventus are interested in Tevez but I still think he should be expelled from World Football for treason. The reasons have been explained in the current article and should serve as a warning for those who want to sign Tevez.