FC Barcelona midfielder Xavi Hernandez denied reports that teammate Lionel Messi will sign with Manchester City. Why would Messi leave Barca for Manchester City? The Argentine forward is an institution at Camp Nou and has been there since his childhood.

Messi is one of the key players at Camp Nou and has generated results for the club in terms of trophies and international prestige. He would not have the same results in another club and may eventually be marginalized at a new club. Remember what happened to Fernando Torres when he left Liverpool for Chelsea.

What works for Messi at Barca may not translate into success in The Premier League. Messi himself would not even dream of abandoning his club even if money is involved. 

There is a deeper love for Barca [whose motto is More Than A Club] in Messi and others who support him and the club. This  love is the sense of family and community that cannot be replaced by material things generated by money.

While anything is possible, I predict that Messi will remain with Barca and then find a managerial role within Camp Nou and/or La Masia when he retires.