Liverpool appears to be on the verge of a comeback in the Premier League [EPL].  The Reds left the Tottenham Hotspur scoreless at Anfield with the former possessing every minute.

A decision was made to choose the most valued and disastrous player of the match. After a careful review, Luis Suarez and Young Kaboul were the choice.

Luis Suarez

The Uruguayan forward has come a long way since his spitting and biting incident of the last season. Suarez managed to command possession and discipline in the match.

There was pressure on the Spurs and domination by Liverpool and Suarez that surprised the public. It appeared as though Suarez was making amends for past wrongs.

Maybe Suarez was trying to prove to Uruguay that he is World Cup material. Regardless, this was unbelievable.

He assisted Henderson in scoring the last goal of the match for Liverpool within 75 minutes. Suarez scored a superb goal in 25 minutes by kicking the ball towards the net.

The ball hit the back and left side of the net surprising Spurs goalkeeper Hugo Lloris. The goal was the result of Suarez taking advantage of a mistake by Michael Dawson and the Spurs.

After scoring, Suarez made Liverpool history by breaking Robbie Fowler’s record of the most goals in one season. Suarez now has 29 goals scored which is one more than Fowler.

The forward did two headers that almost converted to goals during the match. Who knows what is next for Suarez and Liverpool in the remaining EPL season.

It is with pride that Luis Suarez is the Most Valued Player of the match.

Younes Kaboul

Suarez may be the most valued player of the season but Kaboul was a disaster. Kaboul started the match by scoring an own goal which hurt the Spurs.

The result was a psychological effect that left the Spurs unable to execute any form of play. After this disaster, the Spurs will have to rethink their strategy for the remaining season.

They may have to find a way to maintain their hopes of classifying for the UEFA Europa League. Kaboul may have to rethink his strategies in play to avoid this mistake.

For now, Younes Kaboul is the Disastrous Player of the match.

There will be more articles of The Most Valued and Disastrous Players of the match in future articles from The Premier League Insider. Our best wishes for our readers in the coming week.