Hope Solo failed a drug test and the world is up in arms. The news appeared in an article published by Barry Petchitsky for Deadspin and confirmed in another by ESPN with a h/t to the Associated Press.

According to the two articles, Hope Solo submitted a urine sample which tested positive for Canrenone which was prescribed by her Physician for menstrual problems. As a result of the positive test, Ms. Solo received a warning and she released a statement to the press about the incident.

We are so ready to condemn someone who tested positive for banned substances after so many athletes have done so. At the same time, we tend to forget that some of our athletes take medications as prescribed by their Physician in order to treat diseases or problems related to health.

The press and people who read the news have a tendency to praise an athlete and when there is one problem, the brush of delinquent is painted. Hope Solo deserves praise for coming clean and cooperating with the United States Olympic Committee in resolving this problem.

It is also hoped that people would quit condemning Hope Solo for one mistake and accept her as one of the greatest athletes and people in the sports world. Until there is evidence to the contrary, Hope Solo continues to be a clean cut American Woman who excelled in US Soccer as a goalkeeper and as a person.

Enclosed for your enjoyment is a video of Hope Solo courtesy of US Soccer.