After a World Cup which saw Holland grab third place, Louis Van Gaal arrived in the Manchester United training grounds. The Dutch manager of The Red Devils got to work immediately with his directions for the club.

According to the BBC, Guardian, and Daily Mail, Van Gaal said that the club has "to sing from the same hymn sheet". He said that the team members will have to eat together as well.

This is a positive sign for a club that suffered turmoil under David Moyes' reign in the 2013/14 season. It can also even the playing field with the players since Van Gaal will NOT tolerate personalities predominating in a team.

The result will be a revival for Old Trafford with the possibility of winning or at least being within the top three of the Premier League. Van Gaal may even take Manchester United back to the UEFA Champions League this coming season or the next.

The lesson from Van Gaal will be team unity and it remains to be seen what will be Wayne Rooney's reaction.