It appears that Luis Suarez is in the news again and it can cost his career. The time has come to review what transpired and reflect on it.

What Transpired

Luis Suarez accused Manchester United of initiating a conspiracy to get him banned. He made his declarations in an interview with RR Gol TV [please see video] which was published in The Mirror.

Suarez also said that Patrice Evra was part of the conspiracy and that Manchester United has political power. Suarez said that as an example, he offered to shake Evra's hand but that the latter refused.

Suarez claims that the evidence appears on Spanish and Uruguayan TV. He later claimed that Liverpool FC told him not to make any declarations before members of the press.

Suarez concluded by saying that Manchester United has political clout to destroy careers.


Suarez made many mistakes when he was interviewed and making statements without proof. If the club that you work for says not to do something, it must be obeyed.

The idea that Manchester United can destroy careers is ridiculous. Carlos Tevez held a sign insulting Sir Alex Ferguson and his career with Manchester City is intact for now.

Suarez will have to pay a price for his declarations by leaving Liverpool FC. The reason is [while some in England may support him] that the comments are bound to reopen more wounds, offend people, and interfere with his play.

I can see problems next season for Suarez in Liverpool because of the interview. Maybe he should go to La Liga this summer or in January.

It remains to be seen what will transpire.