Luis Suarez is the winner for the 2014 Premier League Insider MVP Award. He is deserving of the award for the following reasons.

In the past, the Uruguayan forward evoked a bad boy image of racial slurs, biting, and spitting at opponents. What happened since then is remarkable.

During the current EPL season, Suarez evolved into a respectable figure on and off the field. This may be secondary to a change of attitude on the part of the forward or as a suggestion from family and friends.

During the matches, Suarez was seen assisting other players to score goals. His tenacity, discipline, possession, and offense in the field placed Liverpool close to the EPL trophy for the first time in nearly two decades.

When the Reds faced Norwich City last weekend, Suarez scored the second goal of the match. In the process, he shattered the 30 goal window of the EPL making history for his club and league.

His current record [according to ESPN-FC] is 30 goals, 12 assists, 166 shots, and 74 shots on goal within 30 matches. In addition, Suarez committed 50 fouls with 59 served, and five yellow cards.

After Chelsea, the Reds have two remaining matches against Crystal Palace and Newcastle. In addition to an impressive record during the current EPL season, Suarez took time to help Merseyside.

Last November, Suarez participated in a charity egg spoon race contest with Steven Gerrard, Lucas Leivy, and the Anfield Juniors. This was during the annual BBC Children program to help disadvantaged children in Great Britain.

Suarez demonstrated his flair in journalism by interviewing Sir Paul McCartney of the Beatles and Wings during a video show. The interview was conducted before Mc Cartney’s South American tour which includes Uruguay.

The result was a success and increased the forward’s stature at Merseyside.

At a time when certain athletes allow the riches of the world to affect them, this does not appear to be Suarez’s case. It appears that Suarez is at peace with his self and down to earth.

The Premier League Insider wishes the best for Luis Suarez now and always.


You Tube Video Courtesy of Liverpool FC