Manchester City FC appears to be enjoying a rebirth of positive energy after banning Carlos Tevez from its matches. Tevez was not only banned from the Manchester City matches but his shirts have been trashed as a result of his treason.

The signs of a possible rebirth are abundant as Sergio Aguero scored a last minute goal in the UEFA Champions League (UCL). The goal resulted in the first victory for Manchester City in the UCL in its history.

The UCL victory was followed by a Manchester City defeating Manchester United by 6 to 1 at Old Trafford. The victory left Manchester United shaking and people talking about an open season in the EPL.

Roberto Mancini (Manchester City Coach) responded by announcing a new membership club for its supporters in the United Arab Emirates. The Manchester City membership club (Sky Blue) has perks such as prizes, video, and personal appearances.

Sky Blue is another vehicle in the desire for Manchester City to increase contacts with its supporters in Asia and the Middle East. Sky Blue is also a great thing that other clubs have done.

Club America of Mexico has a similar club for its fans in the United States and has generated great results. It is hoped that the great news keeps coming out of Manchester City.

It is also hoped that Tevez can be signed by another club in January 2012.