The Premier League [EPL] has released its fixtures for the 2012-2013 season. Manchester City and Southampton are to face each other in their first match.

Manchester City starts the season as Premier League Champions after defeating Manchester United in the 2011-2012 EPL season. Southampton starts as a team that has recently returned to the EPL after a long exile from the league.

Manchester City starts as a winner of the FA Community Shield after defeating Chelsea FC. The club also recently signed Jack Rodwell.

Roberto Mancini who is Manchester City coach can be seen in this You Tube video from the Manchester City FC page commenting about Rodwell and its FA win.

While it remains to be seen what Southampton could do, Manchester City will be the center of discussion in this preview. While Manchester City managed to win the EPL Championship, it was not an easy task.

Manchester City

Manchester City’s coach Roberto Mancini and the club had to contend with a rebellious Carlos Tevez in the previous season. It was a rebellion that cost the club dearly in the UEFA Champions League and almost did the same In the EPL.

Tevez managed to reconcile somewhat with Manchester City to produce great results for the team. Unfortunately, his attitude in victory was in poor taste with a placard insulting Manchester United and their coach Sir Alex Ferguson.

Mario Balotelli is another member of Manchester City who presents with behavioral problems at times. Who cannot forget his dart throwing and car accident incidents?

What about the time in the maiden match between Spain and Italy when Balotelli punched the ground? Mancini even admits that he cannot control Balotelli.

It is unfortunate that Manchester City has two great players who create problems such as Tevez and Balotelli. While Manchester City is expected to have an easy victory over Southampton, there is a need for damage control when it comes to Tevez and Balotelli.


The only thing that could be said about Southampton is to welcome them back to The Premier League after a long time. Southampton has the potential to pull an upset victory and it has happened with different teams under different circumstances.

Southampton has to go via its inner self and play to win. Even if it loses against Manchester City, Southampton must continue forward and never look back during the current Premier League season.

The reason is a simple one. When a team is newly promoted to the Premier League, it must do all that it can [legally] to avoid relegation again.

Southampton has the potential to avoid relegation and move forward using willpower. The only thing that can be said is that The Premier League Insider wishes both teams the best in their first match.