Manchester City announced that it will fine Carlos Tevez the equivalent of six weeks wages or over $1.5 Million for not warming up for the UEFA Champions League match between Manchester City and Bayern Munich. The lesser charge of not warming up instead of refusing to play (as well as the punishment) is a disgrace.

The punishment flies in the face of what happened when Tevez did not want to play. Tevez (by his refusal to play in the UEFA Champions League) stabbed Manchester City, The Premier League, and FIFA in the back.

The supporters of Manchester City are not convinced of the lesser charge punishment. They began a campaign inviting people to throw their Tevez Shirts in the trash can. They are not the only one who recognizes insubordination.

Roberto Mancini (Manchester City coach) recognized that the situation with Tevez would not have been allowed in Manchester United under Ferguson. Any coach of any team would have expelled Tevez for his refusal to obey a command from the coach. The conclusion from this recent travesty of justice.

The punishment for Tevez should either be expulsion from world football or being sent to play in an obscure club.