Sergio Aguero scored a last minute goal for Manchester City and showed the world what is loyalty. Aguero scoring also ignited comparisons with disgraced traitor Carlos Tevez.

The UEFA Champions League match between Manchester City and Villareal appeared to be agonizing for the Premier League team. Cani scored for Villareal followed by an own goal by Carlos Marchena which helped revive Manchester City's fortune.

The nerve racking match appeared to doom Manchester City until Aguero was called to play within the last minute. What was the response of Aguero to the call of Manchester City.

Aguero went in and scored a goal with an assist from Pablo Zabaleta at the last minute. Sergio Aguero with his actions did what was necessary for Manchester City in the UEFA Champions League.

Carlos Tevez was the opposite of Sergio Aguero in his refusal to leave the bench. Tevez showed that he was a traitor to Manchester City and sabotaged (initiallly) the club's UEFA Champions League chances.

Tevez is eclipsed (and deserves it) by Aguero and the rest of Manchester City. The Premier League Insider has nothing but praise for Aguero and his actions.

It is hoped that Manchester City can advance in the UEFA Champions League since they deserve it after Aguero scored.