James Wilson is the most valued player for the Manchester United vs Hull match at Old Trafford. The 18 year old striker debuted with United by scoring two goals in the presence of Old Trafford.

Wilson scored his first goal with a free left foot kick towards the back of the post assisted by Midfielder Marouane Felllaini. He scored a second goal within 67 minutes after taking advantage of a Fellaini rebound.

The goals did more than win a match for Manchester United, it revived hopes for the future of the Red Devils after a terrible season under David Moyes. This event along with Ryan Giggs as temporary manager may be the turnaround needed for Old Trafford.

Regardless of what transpires in the match against Southampton, Manchester United may end its season with a dignified note. It is for this reason that The Premier League Insider selected James Wilson as the most valued player for Manchester United vs Hull.


"One James Wilson" You Tube Video courtesy of Full Time Devils.