The fans of Manchester United and Leeds United exchanged sickening words of insult during their Carling Cup match at Elland Road. The insults and gestures of the supporters of both clubs are a reminder that hooliganism can make a comeback even after decades of peace.

The supporters of both teams outside of Elland Road stadium involved themselves in altercations which resulted in the injury of two police officers. The amount of people taken into custody during the altercations were 21.

The people who started the tit for tat insults were Leeds United supporters who started singing songs about the air disaster in Munich. The Munich Air Disaster of 1958 took the lives of 23 out of 43 passengers including players and officials from Manchester United.

The supporters of Manchester United responded by unfurling a banner with the words Istanbul and songs about Istanbul. In the year 2000, two Leeds United supporters were killed in clashes between Turkish and English supporters during the UEFA Champions League match held in the Turkish city.

What has happened at Elland Road is an aberration against sports including international football. The Premier League must take action and punish the supporters of both clubs before the problem intensifies.

The world of sports including international football must CLOSE THE DOOR on ALL forms of violence. It is hoped that the Premier League has the stomach to enforce the regulations governing hooliganism.