This is the day that will be remembered in Manchester United history when the team crashed. David Moyes was sacked as manager with four matches remaining in an unforgettable Premier League season at Old Trafford.

Manchester United does not deserve its descent from the top tier to midpoint towards relegation. For those who comment about United’s misfortune, the same can happen to ANY club.

While Moyes is responsible for the crash, there were other people that deserve the blame. There will also be a review of Moyes’ tenure at Old Trafford.

Sir Alex Ferguson

When Sir Alex Ferguson announced his retirement as Manchester United manager last year, he chose Moyes as his successor. Ferguson “anointed” Moyes as “The Chosen One” for Old Trafford.

Ferguson will go in history as the greatest manager in the history of Old Trafford. Yet he will be linked to one of the worst transitions in the history of English Football.

A club like Manchester United needs aggressive and forward looking managers. Ferguson could have chosen anyone available at the time including Jose Mourinho as manager.

He could have allowed the board at Old Trafford to select his replacement. Instead, Ferguson chose Moyes in spite of the latter’s experience with small clubs like Everton.

While the season worsened with every loss, Ferguson told the supporters to remain loyal to Moyes. It was obvious that Moyes was NOT fit to lead Manchester United with his conservative approach.

I agree with Adrian Durham of the Daily Mail in demanding an apology from Ferguson for the debacle. Ferguson must apologize to everyone at Manchester United and can do so in an interview with Sky Sports or the BBC.

Any lack of apology will worsen his reputation at Manchester United.

The Glazers

The Glazers who own Manchester United allowed Ferguson to choose his successor. They also placed pressure on Moyes to classify for the UEFA Europa League.

This is the mentality of certain rich people who know little or nothing about football and whose interest is monetary.  This family took a great club and saddled it with a debt of more than £600m [$1009m] while purchasing it.

The Glazers sought £500m [$841] in bonds which were to be used in the refinancing of £525m [$883m] borrowed in this transaction. The result was the above mentioned debt for a great and prestigious club such as Manchester United.

David Moyes

The first mistake made by Moyes was accepting the managerial job at Manchester United. He should have remained with Everton which is familiar territory.

This was the basis for what was going to be a disastrous season at Old Trafford. Moyes removed people who were associated with the Ferguson regime and replaced them with his.

While it’s understandable the need to have people with confidence, most were from Everton. The replacements did not appear to grasp the reality of a big club at Old Trafford.

Marouane Fellaini was a product of another mistake by Moyes. Moyes waited until the end of the summer transfer window to sign the Everton midfielder.

The mistake was compounded with the transaction occurring after Fellaini’s buyout clause expired. Manchester United lost £27m [45] in the transaction for Fellaini while others could have signed.

Juan Mata signing for Manchester United as well as looking for Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo were synonymous with failure. Mata was an additional surplus to players such as Robin Van Persie.

Ronaldo and Bale were just sweet dreams in the mind of Moyes during the transfer windows. The opportunity to sign Thiago Alcantara was lost and the latter signed with Bayern Munich.

The negativity of Moyes such as expressing fears of other clubs and admiring Manchester City was a public relations disaster. According to ESPN-FC, Moyes record of seventh place with 57 points, 17 wins, six draws, and 11 losses [including Manchester City and Liverpool] was pitiful.

We will include 51 goals for and 49 against with a differential of two in Moyes resume. For the first time in nearly two decades, the Red Devils said goodbye to the possibility of a UEFA Champions League trophy.

Sunderland [which is in the relegation zone] defeated the Red Devils the Semifinal of the League Cup. Its home match against Swansea in the third round of the FA Cup is another “achievement”.


It is not an easy task to rebuild Manchester United after it crashed. The first factor is to identify the problem and to resolve it.

Ryan Giggs is currently the manager but this is a temporary solution. Old Trafford needs a manager who will restore the club’s forcefulness, offense, and attack mode.

In addition to a new manager which should be Louis Van Gaal, there should be an aggressive signing of players. These players must reflect what the philosophy of Manchester United under Ferguson was.

Maybe a trip to the United States during the summer may help the team reorganize and regain confidence. The sooner the club organizes itself, the better if it is to avoid marginalization and relegation.


You Tube video courtesy of The Redmen TV