The Glazer Family (the owners of Manchester United who saddled the club with $750 Million in debt) have consoildated their plan with taking the club public. The public offering valued at $1 Billion has been approved by the Singapore Stock Exchange.

The spokesperson or the Glazers spoke with the Associated Press on the condition that he or she not be identified. The declarations were susequently published on the ESPN Website.

The news comes in the wake of tomorrow's match between Manchester United and Chelsea. The idea makes me arrive at the conclusion of saving Manchester United.

While it is difficult to tackle the rich and famous who care more about money than sports, it would be great if ALL of the Manchester United and world football supporters were to unite.

The purpose of the union would be to raise money and buy back Manchester United from the Glazers or any others who think of a club as their personal toy.

I hope that we who support world football and Manchester United would have the strength and courage to buy back the club via legal means.