The humiliating defeat of Manchester United against City is the final straw in a mediocre season. The Red Devils and Old Trafford were once seen as a beacon of English and International Football.

They are now in ruins with the Premier League [EPL] and UEFA Champions League [UCL] trophy out of reach. It may be a miracle if United qualifies for the Europa League.

What happened to United and will it descend into possible relegation? Is there a possibility of salvation for the Red Devils? 

In order to address these questions, the past and present are discussed. The purpose is to find a possible resolution to United’s problems as soon as possible.

Sir Alex Ferguson

The 2012/13 season under Sir Alex Ferguson saw Manchester United in first place within the EPL. United won 28 out of 38 matches with five draws and losses.

With 86 goals for and 43 against resulting in a difference of 43, they managed 89 points. Old Trafford won the right to participate in the 2013/14 UCL.

After the season, Ferguson announced his retirement and backed David Moyes as his successor. Manchester United fans recently insulted Ferguson for this decision.

David Moyes

During the 2013/14 season, Manchester United descended into seventh place in the EPL with 51 points. The Red Devils won 15 out of 31 matches with ten losses and six draws.

They managed 48 goals for and 37 against with a differential of 11 points. United supporters have lost their patience and are calling for Moyes resignation.

The most vocal of them are planning or may have sent planes to fly over Old Trafford. The purpose is to tell Moyes that his time as manager is finished.

Even Robin Van Persie questioned some of the tactics used by Moyes in matches. Moyes is not the only reason why Manchester United continues to suffer.

The Glazers

The Glazers are responsible for the debacle that occurs in Manchester United thanks to their purchase of the club. While Forbes says that the Glazers received benefits, the purchase was $1.4 b in debt driven money.

United’s share values descended by $ 365.4 m as reported by David Kidd of Metro. Glazer and his ilk looked at United as a cash cow and left high interests rates and debts during their reign.

While people opposed to the Glazer takeover were looked upon as ignorant in economics, the opposite is true. High Interest Rates and Debts damage clubs, countries, and families under the false pretense of free enterprise.

The club was destined for failure after Glazer invaded and contaminated an English institution almost a decade ago. In conclusion, the Glazers might have economically raped Manchester United.

What can be done to salvage Manchester United?

Manchester United must play out its remaining EPL and UCL season in its best form. The purpose is to have a dignified exit to what is currently a disaster within both seasons.

David Moyes must be removed as the manager during or after the season is over. The same applies to the Glazers if there are any legal means of removing them.

The supporters of the Red Devils must apply pressure on the concept of Glazer and Moyes departing. Players such as Marouane Fellaini must follow Moyes and Glazer as they exit.

Manchester United must forget about the EPL and UCL for the moment and concentrate on reorganization. The change may come if Louis Van Gaal were appointed manager at Old Trafford.

David Beckham and former United players may be interested in purchasing the club from the Glazers. What are the pros and cons of Van Gaal and Beckham at Old Trafford?

Louis Van Gaal

According to Stefan Coerts of, Louis Van Gaal expressed a desire to win a title in the EPL. Manchester United and the Tottenham Hotspur are expressing an interest in the Dutch manager of various European teams.

According to the profile published at ESPN-FC, Van Gaal promotes an attacking football strategy. He is an active promoter of total domination with possession and emphasis on counter attacking in matches.

This served clubs such as Bayern Munich, FC Barcelona, and Ajax when they were under his authority. The result for Bayern Munich was the 2009/10 Bundesliga championship.

FC Barcelona won La Liga and Copa Del Rey in the late 1990’s for the first time in almost four decades. Ajax managed to win the Erdivisie three times as well as the UEFA Cup and UCL trophy under Van Gaal.

Van Gaal was the manager that helped the Netherlands National Team qualify for the 2014 World Cup. He is a manager who commands respect and demands total obedience from a team to obtain victory.

David Beckham and Company

While Manchester United denies rumors of David Beckham buying the club from the Glazers, it could be another glimmer of hope. According to an article published in The Daily Mail, Beckham with Ryan Giggs, Nicky Butt, Paul Scholes, as well as the Neville Brothers are interested in buying the club.

The article states that the funds for the purchase originate from the Royal House of Qatar. If the rumors are true and Glazer sells to Beckham and company, Manchester United can begin the process of rebuilding with the intent of regaining its former glory.

Beckham and company have the interests of the club at heart and may heal the wounds. The only defect in this scenario is that Beckham is busy building an MLS Club in Miami, Florida.


While Van Gaal and Beckham may or may not save Manchester United, that decision rests on its supporters. The Independent Manchester United Supporters Trust is involved in attempting to take back the club.

The reason is that those who love their club will help it and their process appears to be democratic in nature. The future of Manchester United in the greatest leagues depends on the action or lack of it in its supporters.


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