Ryan Giggs started his first week as Manchester United manager with a win over Norwich City. Giggs also impressed with his professional demeanor in the position during the match.

Wayne Rooney praised Giggs by commenting that the latter has what it takes to lead one of the Premier League's top club. While there was praise, there were detractors lead by Gigg's own father.

According to an article in The Daily Mail, Gigg's father said that his son was not fit to be United manager since he had a relationship with his Sister In Law Natasha Giggs and even made her have an abortion before she married Gigg's younger brother.

Gigg's father went on to say that Ryan Giggs.was dependent on his mother. There were comments in Twitter suggesting that Ryan may go after player's wives.

While debate goes on about Gigg's ability to manage Old Trafford, the best recourse is to let him finish the season for his team with dignity. Then it is time to find a new manager who could help in the rebuilding.

Giggs may have Manchester United in his heart but a club needs a person like Louis Van Gaal who can reorganize, discipline, and sign players during the Transfer Window. Van Gall has experience in Europe and is a no nonsense manager.

The time to turn the ship around is now before it is too late.