According to the MLS webpage h/t British tabloid The Sun, Argentine Football Astro Diego Maradona was denied a visa to visit the United States. As a result, Maradona had to cancel his planned trip to Walt Disney World with his family.

The reason as reported by Who Ate All The Pies and Tribal Football has to do with politics. While I could care less about Maradona’s political ideas, he is contradictory in these ideas.

Maradona wants to visit America with his family while he declared his hatred for the country. He made his declarations in an interview with the late Venezuelan Chief Hugo Chavez as published by Reuters.

Why does Maradona want to visit America if he hates it? He can go to Disneyland in Paris and Tokyo which is almost the same as Walt Disney World.

Maradona can take his family on a vacation tour of Cuba, Venezuela, and/or Nicaragua. After all, these countries have the same weather [in certain areas] such as Florida. They have places for tourists like Maradona and his family.

During the 1994 World Cup, Maradona was expelled from the USA after testing positive for drugs. Maradona later blames the Argentine Football Association and then FIFA Vice President Julio Grondona for giving drugs.

He made these statements during an interview in The Football Show with h/t to The Daily Mail. Maradona was suspended previously in 1991 for 15 months after a positive drug test.

Maradona has gone to Cuba to receive treatment for his drug addiction. The rest of the problems related to his drug addiction and an alleged abrasive personality surfaced this year in Argentina.

Maradona assaulted another passenger in a plane and boarded a car upon his arrival at Ezeiza airport in Buenos Aires. While inside the car, he ordered the chauffeur to stop while he confronted and assaulted journalists who were following him.

While unrelated to the visa request, Maradona announced that he would run naked in Buenos Aires if Argentina won the 2010 World Cup. He made this vow in an interview with FM Metro of Argentina with a h/t to The Telegraph.

We cannot forget the Maradonian Church in Argentina with Maradona proclaiming himself a God. Is this the type of person that is needed as a tourist for America?

Let us remove the delusions of grandeur and politics in the decision to deny Maradona a visa. His drug addiction life style is a disgrace to football and plays a big role in not being able to visit America.

It is hoped that the lessons learned from this article are the following:

1.    Drugs and Sports should not mix.

2.    When a person chooses to use drugs [the drugs do not choose a person], he or she must face the consequences of abuse.

3.    If a person does not like a place, he or she should practice what they preach and not even think of visiting it. They should not even go to the embassy of the place and ask for a visa.