Diego Armando Maradona closed the door on the possibility of signing Carlos Tevez with Al Wasl Football Club in the United Arab Emirates. Maradona told Sport 360 (published also in ESPN Soccernet) that Al Wasl has spent $155 Million in signing new players.

Maradona went further and said that Tevez was expensive for a club that has to meet its budget requirements. Maradona is one of the latest managers and clubs that closed the doors to Tevez.

Corinthians (in Brazil) has also expressed a desire NOT to sign Tevez. The real reason is not the money but the erratic personality of Tevez.

Tevez could have played in the UEFA Champions League match between Manchester City and Bayern Munich. Tevez (on purpose) disobeyed Roberto Mancini (Manchester City manager) orders to play in the second half.

The result was that Manchester City lost its match in the UEFA Champions League to Bayern Munich. FIFA has also considered expelling Tevez from international football on a permanent basis.

Maradona knows better than to sign a player who could turn against him as a venomous cobra snake turns against its master. Anzhi Makhachkala expressed an interest in signing Tevez with German Tkachenko (agent) talking with Manchester City.

The idea of Anzhi signing Tevez seems to be taking shape as Manchester City fans demonstrate for the expulsion of the traitor. The proposal of an exchange between Osinov (formerly of FC Rostov) and Tevez is worth exploring.

Osinov wants to play in the English Premier League while Tevez refuses. The only condition is that Tevez deserves to be monitored for his behaviour and reported to FIFA.

The other alternative is to return Tevez to Argentina where he is appreciated.