Diego Armando Maradona announced that he is willing to help Manchester City by signing Carlos Tevez to Al Wasl in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The news was published in Talk Sport  and has been the subject of conversation among certain football fans here in Miami Florida.

The news comes as Manchester City under Roberto Mancini and FIFA have lost their patience with a player whose behavior is treasonous. Maradona is hoping to convert Al Wasl into a powerhouse in the United Arab Emirates League for the first time since 2007.

Maradona is convincing the owners of Al Wasl to put together a great package deal that would see Tevez in the United Arab Emirates. The idea of Tevez going to Dubai is an excellent idea and a win win proposal for all of the parties involved.

1. Manchester City and Roberto Mancini (and the rest of the Premier League) can rid itself of a player who has become a liability. Carlos Tevez revealed his true colors to Manchester City when he refused to play at the last minute against Bayern Munich in the UEFA Champions League when ordered by coach Roberto Mancini.

2. Maradona can have Tevez in his team and help Al Wasl win its first United Arab Emirate League title since 2007. Maradona and Tevez could make a great football duo in the Middle East.

The prediction is since Al Wasl and its owners have the money, Maradona can buy out Tevez contract and take him to the United Arab Emirates. Tevez will be in the Middle East starting in January 2012 or earlier.

The only thing that can be said for Tevez is good riddance.