The Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt is supposedly at war with Italian and AC Milan Forward Mario Balotelli. Bolt commented about Balotelli during an interview with the Italian TV Station TG1 and published in The Guardian.

During the interview, Bolt admitted meeting Balotelli in the past and praised the latter’s football career. Bolt said that Balotelli was not on his list of favorite people because he was “too aggressive”.

Balotelli responded to Bolt’s remarks by tweeting that the latter should not generalize about him. It is very interesting that Bolt is commenting about Balotelli which is his right.

It is not for known whether this may be a publicity stunt or Bolt wants to play for Manchester United. Manchester United is a rival of Balotelli’s former club Manchester City in the Premier League.

Bolt and Balotelli deserve to be praised for their achievements in their respective sports. They deserve praise for their activities outside of the sports realm.

Bolt deserves to be praised for his efforts in helping children realize their dreams via his foundation. His foundation’s website has its goal set in creating children who are happy via education and cultural events.

Balotelli on the other hand deserves praise for his efforts in eradicating racism in football. He worked with Medecins Sans Fronteire [Doctors Without Borders] in their effort to provide medical care to those who cannot afford it.

Balotelli contributed money to various causes such as the construction of a school in the Sudan for children. His work with children’s causes extended to places such as a rehabilitation facility in Italy and Brazil.

The whole rivalry between the two does not make sense and serves as an unnecessary way to attract attention. The time spent on a chimeric rivalry between the two is better spent in sports and charity.

The Premier League Insider would like to finish with a You Tube video courtesy of Manchester City FC. It is an Advent Calendar video featuring Balotelli enjoying the 2011 Christmas season.

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