Silvio Berlusconi, AC Milan owner called Mario Balotelli of Manchester City a "rotten apple". Berlusconi went further and said that he is not interested in seeing Balotelli at Milan.

The Premier League Insider agrees with Berlusconi's opinion of Balotelli without using potentially derogatory words. The following reasons are more than enough to say that Berlusconi is right.

I. Mancini vs Balotelli : January 3, 2013

During a training practice, Roberto Mancini, who is Manchester City's manager told Balotelli to leave the field. The reason was that Balotelli and Scott Sinclair were involved in a strong tackle.

The result was a near altercation in the field which was resolved with Manchester City staff separating the two. After this incident, Balotelli's future with Manchester City is in doubt.

II. Darts: March 27, 2011

Balotelli was caught by Manchester City staff members throwing darts at players during practice. He was throwing them from the first floor because he was "bored".

Manchester City made the terrible decision of declaring this a prank. What would have happened of the darts struck one of the player's eyes or other body parts?

III. Car Crash: April 2012

Balotelli was involved in a car crash in Manchester with a Vauhaux Corsa. Balotelli was not hurt in the crash and joked with the onlookers.

Danny Campbell who drove the Vauhaux Corsa was not amused. He was hospitalized and was almost killed since Balotelli's car crashed close to the Corsa's door.

Balotelli did not even ask Campbell if he was OK. It remains to be seen whether this was on purpose or Balotelli is not aware.

IV. Euro 2012

When Spain defeated Italy to win Euro 2012, Balotelli lost his cool and fought with members of his country's team in the locker room. He also pulled his shirt off during one Euro 2012 match.

While Balotelli is talented, Berlusconi is right in his opinion about the player. There may come a day when something big happens and it may be too late.