Mark Schwarzer signed with Chelsea after rejecting offers of a contract renewal from Fulham according to  BBC Sports. It is great news for people who still want to play professional sports after 30 years of age.

At a time when youth is prized and after 35 is marginalized, Schwarzer proves the world wrong. Schwarzer as a goalkeeper for Chelsea and Fulham proves that age does not matter in sports.

A person who is middle aged can do anything they want as long as there is the capability and if it’s legal. There are people who continue playing sports long after they are in their mid-30 such as Andriy Shevchenko of the Ukraine.

Before retiring after Euro 2012, Shevchenko felt 20 instead of 30 in an interview published in Agence France Press with a h/t to the Vancouver Sun. Schwarzer still has a couple of years left to prove to the world his ability as a goalkeeper.

During the 2012/13 season, Schwarzer managed 163 saves within 43 matches for Fulham and his native Australia as published in ESPN. It appears that Schwarzer’s body is apparently in top form for Chelsea.

While Mourinho may use Schwarzer as a substitute for Chelsea’s main goalkeeper Petr Cech, there may be surprises this coming season. He may play a big role in the next Premier League or UEFA Champions League season.

If he does, Schwarzer will be proving the world that age is no limit in the sports world.

Mark Schwarzer Interview courtesy of Chelsea FC You Tube