Arsenal begins the current season of the UEFA Champions League [UCL] in Group F. The Gunners are in the same group with Borussia Dortmund, Marseille, and Napoli.

What can be said about the teams and the groups?


The Gunners are number six in the 2012/13 UEFA Ranking Coefficient.  While they have won their last two UCL matches, Arsenal has yet to win a trophy.

This is expected to change since the recent signing of Mesut Ozil from Real Madrid. Aaron Ramsey in the midfield and Kieren Gibbs in the defense are the top goal scorers according to UEFA.

I disagree since Ozil has made his presence felt since his arrival at the Premier League. According to Colin Young of The Daily Mail, Ozil managed to upstage Ramsey when the Gunners defeated Sunderland.

It appears that Ozil is playing in form as a way to compensate for almost no activity in Real Madrid.

Borussia Dortmund

Borussia Dortmund is a powerhouse in the Bundesliga and UCL. They managed to give Bayern Munich a headache in their encounters within the last season.

Dortmund is number 31 in the 2012/13 UEFA Coefficient and was UCL Champion for 1996/97. They possess forwards Robert Lewandowski and Henrikh Mkhitaryan as star players who can present an element of surprise in any match.

The midfielders Marco Reus and Nuri Sahin can be a strong combination in any UCL match. Jurgen Klopp managed to bring Borussia Dortmund to the top as manager after years of near stagnation.

The bad news for Dortmund is that their Captain Sebastian Kehl suffered an ankle injury. Kehl is expected to miss the first three Group F Matches that Dortmund needs to advance.


The French team is number 16 in the UEFA Coefficient Ranking with one trophy during the 1992/93 season. It remains to be seen how they will fare in the current group.


The Italians are number 46 in the UEFA Coefficient Ranking and a desire to advance. Rafael Benitez wants to show the UCL that he could still win championships.

Gonzalo Higuain is a forward who deserves to be observed in future UCL matches.


Arsenal and Borussia Dortmund are expected to advance in the next stage of the UCL. The predictions take into account the Gunners Renaissance with Ozil and the Dortmund powerhouse. 

Mesut Ozil video courtesy of TYT Sports