Midrag Dzudovic wrote a letter to UEFA asking the organization to forgive Wayne Rooney for his behavior during the England VS Montenegro UEFA Euro 2012 Qualifiers. Dzudovic went as far as to ask UEFA to lift its three match ban against Rooney.

Dzudovic also offered to testify before UEFA should Rooney apepal his three match ban. Dzudovic also wrote in the letter that it would be unfair if Rooney missed the matches which were crucial to England.

The letter formed the basis of what transpired in the England VS Montenegro UEFA Euro 2012 qualfiying match. During the match, Rooney kicked Dzudovic and was expelled from the match.

Rooney accepted that he was to blame for what transpired. Dzudovic recognized that Rooney did not act out of anger but under pressure/

UEFA stuck by its principles of Fair Play and said that Rooney had to pay the consequences. Whether UEFA decides to backtrack on Rooney's punishment remains to be seen.

What should be commended is the decision by Dzudovic to write a letter to UEFA asking them to forgive Rooney. Dzudovic also did the right thing in offering to testify on Rooney's behalf in case of an appeal.

It is unusual that something of this nature occurs in sports let alone in world football. It is hoped that UEFA reads the letter and acts upon it.