The MLS [Major League Soccer] and FFF [French Football Federation] announced their intention to form a partnership. The partnership consists in training Youth Academy Coaches from the MLS for their Elite Formation Coaching License or EFCL.

The idea of a partnership between the MLS and the FFF is a great one for both nations. It will take the relationship between France and the USA to a whole new level.

While the program will be structured for the North American reality of football, the opportunity to learn is great. The MLS and US Soccer will learn from the experience of French Football.

At the same time, the maximum exposure to clubs such as Paris Saint Germain, Athletic Club Bilbao, and Real Madrid helps US Soccer. US Soccer and the MLS will gain an understanding of how football is played in Europe.

US Soccer and the MLS may use what is learned in Europe and apply it in their areas. It is inevitable that some of the European experience may not be applicable to North America.

The exchange jettisons the comments made by FIFA President Sepp Blatter about the MLS. In other words, the MLS and US Soccer are not underdeveloped and unpopular.

The MLS and US Soccer are like a teenager undergoing growing and learning pains. At the same time, US Soccer and the MLS are willing to learn from one of the best.

It gives life to a US Soccer that is undergoing a difficult hexagonal classification for the 2014 World Cup. While the tools are there for US Soccer and the MLS, they must learn how to apply it within their reality.

This is expected to be the difficult part of the process between US Soccer, the MLS, and the FFF. At least, the MLS and US Soccer took the initial step in forming the partnership with the FFF.

You Tube video courtesy of MLS