Nicklas Bendtner made news again for the wrong reasons after an alleged assault on a taxi car. The incident occurred in Copenhagen, Denmark the same time Bayern Munich defeated Arsenal in the UEFA Champions League [UCL].

According to a Goal article written by Liam Twomey with a h/t to BT of Denmark, Bendtner allegedly used a belt to hit the side of a taxi. Dominic Fifield of The Guardian reported that the Danish Arsenal striker stripped himself, vandalized the taxi, and threatened the driver.

The taxi driver reported the incident to the police. The Gunners have refused to make comments about the incident and will talk with the Dane.

Bendtner’s latest misbehavior ruined his opportunities in Europe. It is worse than the $147,000 fine for drunk driving while playing for Juventus.

At the same time, the Dane accuses the press paints him in a negative way. I disagree since Bendtner does not need the press to commit professional suicide.

How should Europe solve the problem of Bendtner?

Russia and North Korea

He can be sent from Europe to FC Ural Sverdlovsk Oblast in Ekaterinburg or FC Tom Tomsk. The transfer could serve as a clean break from the past by locating far from Europe.

At the present time, the transfer window remains open in Russia and these teams can use him. Russia will host the 2018 FIFA World Cup and is an emerging market in football.

It is currently number 19 in the FIFA Coca Cola Ranking with 889 points. The Eurasian country could use his expertise as a striker and goal scorer to teach future generations.

FC Sibir Novosibirsk and SKA-Energiya Khabarovsk can use him to raise their profile in Russia. Both teams are in the Russian National Football League [First Division] and need promotion to the Premier League.

What if Russia is not suitable for Bendtner? The next country of choice for him could be North Korea.

The North Koreans currently languish as number 133 with 191 points in the FIFA Coca Cola Ranking. Bendtner could either play exhibition matches or serve as the national team’s coach.

It would help the North Koreans in any future preparations for possible World Cup classifications. Maybe Dennis Rodman could help Bendtner in this venture with his friendship with the country’s dictator Kim Jong-un.

At the same time, North Korea could temper Bendtner’s behavior off and on the field. While the two scenarios appear unlikely, it could give the Dane a lease on his career.