Roman Pavlyuchenko (Tottenham Hotspur Striker) has agreed to sign a contract with Lokomotiv Moscow. The contract is worth $12 Million in a three year deal and will pave for the return of Pavlyuchenko to Russia,

He will join Lokomotiv Moscow during their training practice in Portugal. The deal will also help Pavlyuchenko realize his dream of playing for his native Russia during the Euro 2012 competitions.

During his three years with the Tottenham Hotspur, Pavlyuchenko was incompatible (professionally and personally) with Harry Redknapp (Spurs coach). The personality conflict was another reason for signing with Lokomotiv Moscow.

The deal is a win win situation for the Spurs (they do not want Pavlyuchenko which is my understanding), Pavlyuchenko (who wants to return to Russia) and Lokomotiv Moscow.