The majority of the foreign owners of English Premier League clubs want to abolish the promotion and relegation system. The news was announced by Richard Bevin (League Managers' Association Chief Executive) and reported in AP.

The report was subsequently published in the website. The reason (according to Bevin) is that the foreign owners want a franchise system in place.

While half of the EPL clubs belong to foreigners (Non-English), the idea of changing the system requires the support of 14 clubs. The idea of changing the rules to abolish relegation and promotion is a terrible idea.

The concept of promotion and relegation exists to motivate clubs to excel and encourages competition. Promotion and Relegation establishes which club can represent a country at an International level.

The examples of are Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, and even Manchester City being in the top tier representing England in the UEFA Champions League. Promotion and relegation encourages clubs to be at their top form.

Queens Park Ranger (QPR) was once relegated from the Premier League but were able to make a comeback in 2011. QPR returned from the Premier League from relegation with hard work and dedication reinforced in promotion and relegation.

The example of promotion and relegation necessary in a club is in the USA.

US Soccer and the MLS (Major League Soccer) has come a long way but there is a need for some change. The idea of promotion and relegation for US Soccer (instead of the franchise concept) has been proposed and gradually gaining acceptance.

The MLS and US Soccer can use the Western and Eastern Conference as examples for relegation and promotion. The clubs can play in their respective conferences during the MLS Season.

The end cycle of the MLS Season could see the top three MLS teams of the Eastern and Western Conference competing in the CONCACAF Gold Cup and the MLS Championship. The teams in the lower tiers would have to work hard (instead of resting) in order to come back to the MLS from the lower leagues such as NASL (North American Soccer League).

The proposals put forth in defending promotion and relegation and promoting in the USA are worth reviewing. It is hoped that this article can promote a healthy discussion of Promotion and Relegation in World Football.