Jose Mourinho and Real Madrid are preparing a $47 Million Bid to snatch Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez from Manchester United. The Sun reported the news which was published in

The news caught Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United by surprise and they responded with their offer. Manchester United offered to triple the salary of Hernandez to $117 Thousand a week.

The bidding was between the two European giants over Hernandez does not appear to end. The only person who could decide between the two clubs is Hernandez.

Hernandez will remain in Manchester United and The Premier League for the following reasons:

1. Hernandez is loyal to Manchester United and has done well in his debut at Old Trafford.

2. Hernandez is learning what is necessary at Manchester United.

3. The people like him and have already planned to make Hernandez part of the Manchester United historical fixture.

4. Hernandez is grateful to Manchester United for what has happened in his life and professional career.

5. Sir Alex Ferguson is understanding as a manager for Hernandez which is the opposite of Mourinho.

The reasons are superior to whatever monetary gain that may exist. It remains to be seen whether Hernandez will remain with Manchester United or go to Real Madrid.