Rafa Benitez received more criticism when Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink blamed him for Chelsea’s troubles. Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink was once a striker for Chelsea FC.


At the same time, The Daily Mail reports that Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has doubts about bringing Jose Mourinho back to Stamford Bridge. It appears that Abramovich is running out of options as manager.


While John Terry would be a great candidate for Manager at Stamford Bridge, Roman Abramovich should appoint himself the coach.


The reasons are the following.


  1. Power


Abramovich is a powerful figure as owner of Chelsea FC. He assigns himself the power and leaves the coach as a figurehead.


The examples of this happening are Rafa Benitez, Andre Villas-Boas, and Roberto Di Matteo.  They lacked the actual authority that Abramovich had.


Abramovich appears to love power above everything else. The best that could happen for Chelsea is to give Abramovich the power.


Unfortunately, responsibility and accountability comes with power.



  1. Responsibility


Abramovich as manager would be responsible for the club’s performance. He would be responsible assigning the players in different positions.


Abramovich would be responsible for the formation, and the winning formula. He would be answerable to the supporters of the club who are asking for Benitez’s resignation.


If the club does not qualify for the UEFA Champions League or the Premier League, Abramovich would be blamed for bad decisions. He cannot blame the players or the manager since he is one.



  1. Lesson to be Learned


I cannot imagine what transpire within the mind of Abramovich. My impression is that Abramovich thinks managing a team is easy.

In other words, ownership and management of a team is one and the same. Abramovich as manager and owner will convince him [if possible] that the two are different.


  1. Abramovich Out


The last reason why Abramovich should be manager and owner at Stamford Bridge is that he will lose. Abramovich will make decisions that will cost the Blue Nation dearly.


This will result in Abramovich being fired as manager and John Terry replacing him. The next possibility would be that the supporters of Chelsea would organize to start a buyout and become a supporter owned team.





Whatever happens at Stamford Bridge, the ongoing soap opera must stop. It is hurting Chelsea to the point that the club can drift to insignificance.


The time to turn Chelsea FC is NOW before this happens.



Roman Abramovich Video Courtesy of Talk Sport Magazine