Sepp Blatter (FIFA President) has decided that the way to resolve racism in world football is with a handshake. Rio Ferdinand responded by tweeting Blatter and calling him ignorant.

Ferdinand know that racism in world football cannot be resolved with a simple handshake. Anton Ferdinand (Rio's brother) was the subject of racial abuse during a UEFA Champions League match a few weeks ago.

Roberto Carlos knows since he was a recipient of racial abuse while playing a match in Russia. A handshake does not erase the hurt, humilliation, and insult for the recipient.

I know since I have been the subject of racism in my life. I also know people who suffered the same humiliations and hurts in their lifetime.

What can Blatter do to remedy the situation created by his use of words? Blatter should resign and the sooner the better.

Blatter has no place in FIFA after his latest outburst. The presence of Blatter would make a mockery of FIFA's claim to stamp out racism in World Football.

It is hoped that this situation resolves itself as soon as possible with Blatter quitting FIFA. I would like to close with some more foot in the mouth issues from Blatter.

The foot in the mouth issues by Blatter are in the Daily Mail article dated 17th of November 2011 at 5:52PM British Time. The title of the Daily Mail article is "Rio Ferdinand In Another Twitter Blast At Sepp Blatter Over Racism".

In the year 2004, Sepp Blatter suggested that women player wear "tighter shorts and low cut shirtsto create a more female aesthetic". Blatter also commented that world football countries should have coaches from their own countries in response to Fabio Capello coaching England.

Blatter insulted the US Soccer supporters by suggesting that World Football in the USA could be divided like American Football. Blatter also lamented about transfers of players and considered Ronaldo "oppressed".

Blatter also made some comments about homosexuals and the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. What more could be said about Blatter? I rest my case for him to quit FIFA.