Silvio Berlusconi is in the news at the time that I am writing this article. While people talk about the political career of Berlusconi, let us talk about the man at the helm of AC Milan.

Berlusconi is the President of AC Milan since 1986 around the same time that Sir Alex Ferguson took over as manager of Manchester United. Berlusconi freed AC Milan from its dark ages of the 1970's.

The AC Milan coaches such as Fabio Capello and Amigo Saccchi were among the greats in the club. Who could forget the likes of Gipo Viani, Nereo Rocco, Fatih Terim, Carlo Ancellotti, and Nils Liedholm in AC Milan?

AC Milan under Berlusconi won title such as the Serie A Title, Interccontinental Cup, European Cup, and European Supercup. Berlusconi may have made comments about FC Barcelona but at least he defended his club.

Berlusconi (and AC Milan) came to the rescue of Gennaro Gattuso with his diplopia (double vision) crisis. AC Milan (and I am sure that Berlusconi authorized it) will pay for the surgery to correct Gattuso's double vision.

Berlusconi (and AC Milan) are planning the same thing for Cassano and his congenital birth defect. While people think of this as a political ploy or that there is an obligation, Berlusconi is a person who is willing to help his players and his team out of the goodness of his heart.

The people who criticize Berlusconi without looking at his devotion to AC Milan will regret what they have said in the future. Berlusconi will be remembered as the owner who set AC Milan on the right path whether the person agrees with him or not.