Stephan El Shaarawy of AC Milan and Italy is the latest in the transfer window news. According to Talksport, Chelsea is willing to exchange El Shaarway for Fernando Torres so that Stamford Bridge could benefit from the Italian striker.

AC Milan is the latest club mentioned in a possible deal with Torres. The previous mentioned clubs for Torres were FC Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, and Napoli.

While Torres needs to leave Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea, this transfer is not going anywhere. Why would AC Milan’s owner Sivio Berlusconi and manager Massimiliano Allegri exchange El Shaarawy for Torres?

Stephen El Shaarawy

El Shaarawy scored 20 goals within 47 matches for AC Milan and Italy combined during the 2012/13 season. He assisted and substituted in six matches within the same season.

The Italian and AC Milan striker managed 130 shots with 58 of them on goal. El Shaarawy has made a name for himself in AC Milan as the most capable player.

What can El Shaarawy contribute to Stamford Bridge in London, England? Is he able to make the transfer to England or will there be regrets on his part.

El Shaarawy could experience the same problems as Torres if he were to go to England. The demand for more goals from supporters is universal in England and could hurt instead of help El Shaarawy.

The result could be El Shaarawy maybe cracking under pressure and being unable to score.

Fernando Torres

Fernando Torres has not been successful since his arrival from Liverpool to Chelsea. He is the object of scorn and ridicule for the lack of and few goals since his arrival at Cheslea.

He went from one goal within 18 matches in the latter half of the 2010/11 Premier League [EPL] season. Torres scored 11 within 49 matches in the 2011/12 EPL and 23 within 64 in in the last one.

It is the scoring issue that hurts Torres even though he plays for the Spanish National Team with great results. AC Milan needs an aggressive striker who could help the team advance in Serie A and/or the UEFA Champions League.

Torres would not be able to comply with the demands of AC Milan for more goals with this record. Torres can find his environmental change with other clubs such as Napoli while Edinson Cavani is in Chelsea.


Unless there is something that is unknown, it is doubtful that El Shaarawy will want to sign with Chelsea. It would be likely that El Shaarawy may sign with PSG or Bayern Munich in the future.

Torres will be the center of an exchange between Chelsea and Napoli with Cavani. Again, it remains to be seen what will transpire in the summer transfer window.

Stephen El Shaarawy You Tube video courtesy of AC Milan