After Liverpool defeated West Ham at Upton Park, Steven Gerrard deserves to be named Most Valued Player [MVP] of the match. His two goals against West Ham returned Liverpool to first place in the 2013/14 Premier League table.

Gerrard scored two goals on the basis of penalty picks also gave Liverpool its ninth consecutive victory in the current EPL season. According to the English Football Association [FA]  and the LFC History net website, Gerrard scored 13 goals [ten of them on the basis of a penalty],within 29 matches. 

The Liverpool and English midfielder is in third place behind Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge in scoring goals for the Reds in the current season. At the present time, Liverpool may have what it takes to win the EPL trophy thanks to Gerrard and others.

For this reason, The Premier League Insider names Steven Gerrard the MVP of the West Ham vs. Liverpool match.