Greg Stobart published an interesting story about the latest Carlos Tevez saga. Mr. Stobart published his story in the online magazine Goal.

In the article, Stobart suggested that Roberto Mancini (Manchester City manager) should not accept Tevez's apology since it was five months late and not sincere. The Premier League Insider seconds the idea for the same reason of too little and too late.

Tevez The Traitor now apologizes after refusing to play in the UEFA Champions League match between Manchester City and Bayer Munich. The apology should have happened in September instead of February.

What happened instead of the apology in September? A whole five months of drama launched by Tevez The Traitor against Manchester City, the Premier League, and World Football itself.

The drama involved Manchester City, the press, the supporters, and the Footballers Union. Tevez complicated things by going to Argentina AWOL from Manchester City.

Tevez The Traitor appeared to be enjoying the drama since he was playing golf in Argentina. He played golf while others were pulling their hairs at his behavior.

Tevez The Traitor even whined that Mancini treated him badly. Tevez did not even know (or does not want to know) how good he had it with Manchester City.

If Tevez was hoping to change clubs with his behavior, the plan backfired. Manchester City rejected offers from AC Milan and Inter Milan.

What is the solution for Tevez The Traitor? No acceptance of apology and a personal expulsion from The Premier League.

Maybe Tevez should be sent to Sibir Novosibirsk to finish his career in world football.