FIFA and the IFAB [International Football Association Board] approved the use of Goal Line Technology as reported by BBC Sports. UEFA has expressed its doubt about the use of the method which fears could dehumanize football.

The Premier League is considering the implementation of the use of goal line technology for the next season. The purpose of goal line technology would be to help the referees determine whether a goal is allowed.

There are two types of Goal Line Technology sych as Hawk Eye and GoalRef. Hawk Eye works with six cameras focusing on a goal and tracking the ball on a pitch.

The system pinpoints the location of the ball and sends a radio signal to the referee when the ball crosses the goal line.

GoalRef works as a chip placed inside the ball with use of low magnetic waves around the goal area. A Change in the magnetic field on, or behind the goal line will check if there is a goal.

The results will go to the referee via an electronic process.

The idea of Goal Line Technology will create a dehumanizing effect on football. The idea of Michel Platini of UEFA to use additional referees is better since humans can do better at times than machines.

While the Goal Line Technology have been tested for the elements, the possibility exists of a mistake. It is the saddest day in the history of football when technology instead of humans determine the score.