The Euro 2012 Tournament is set to get under way in Poland and Ukraine within 24 hours. While England will not play its first match until next week, the time has come to move forward with these suggestions, and comments.

The Premier League Insider will be addressing the issues of the English Euro Squad 2012. It will also address the issues of nude protests and racism as well as hooliganism.

Nude Protests

The group FEMEN was founded with good intentions in 2008. The good intentions were to combat human trafficking and prostitution. What they are doing now is making total fools of their cause and themselves.

FEMEN decided that every English or Western European male that goes to the Ukraine for the Euro 2012 tournament are sex crazed. In fact, there will be women attending Euro 2012 with their husbands, boyfriends, brothers, and/or cousins.

FEMEN persists in the stereotype of sex craved football fans in the Ukraine. In their closed mind, they decide to stage nude demonstrations against Euro 2012.

The purpose is to debase and ruin the Euro 2012 in the name of politics. FEMEN made its start by attempting to steal and destroy the UEFA Euro trophy two times in May 2012.

If FEMEN wants scandal, they are going to get it at the expense of their cause. They can do all of the nude protest in the world during Euro 2012.

The only winner will be Euro 2012 with FEMEN being the losers. Why will FEMEN lose the battle?

FEMEN made themselves the fools of Euro 2012 and lost whatever dignity they have with their nude demonstrations. FEMEN also proved to the world their ignorance of the motives who attend sporting events with their stereotypes.

Dutch Television Ad

The countries that comprise Western Europe appear to have their misconceptions about Euro 2012. The Netherlands Energy Company [in a report by the Kyiv Post] broadcast an ad on Dutch Television panning to the same stereotypes as FEMEN.

The commercial by the Netherlands Energy Company advise women to keep their husbands from attending Euro 2012. The company even offers free beer to those who take the offer of the Netherlands Energy Company.

What happened to the wife attending a sporting event with their husband if they want to go? It is surreal that the Netherlands talks about human rights but invents lies to prevent a person from going to Euro 2012.

My personal impression is that the Netherlands Energy Company [including those that planned the commercial] either watches too many soap operas or is intolerant of Central Europe. The tendency is to believe that both concepts are true.

BBC Panorama

The BBC investigative program called Panorama did a documentary about Poland and Ukraine for Euro 2012. The documentary was supposed to address the issue of racism and hooliganism in Poland and Ukraine.

The result was a biased documentary which smeared the reputations of Poland and Ukraine before Euro 2012. In the documentary, Sol Campbell [who was one of England’s greats] warned about those going to Poland and the Ukraine may be killed there.

While Poland and Ukraine have problems with hooliganism and racism, the same applies to other countries in the Western world. Poland and Ukraine are rightfully indignant at the way they were treated by the BBC and other members of the Western Press.

Poland and Ukraine have asked the BBC for an apology which was refused. The BBC [as well as other Western media] forgets that John Abraham Godson was the first African to be elected Member of Parliament in Poland.

It appears that the BBC and Western Europe cannot accept a Central European country such as Poland and Ukraine hosting Euro 2012. It cannot accept even Russia hosting the 2018 FIFA World Cup.


The idea of boycotting Poland and Ukraine for political reasons is another random act of stupidity. The reason is based on the human rights situation in the Ukraine which cannot be overlooked.

The politicians appear to forget that boycotting an event inspires people to go to them. There were people who went to the 1980 Moscow and 1984 Los Angeles Olympics in spite of the government boycotts of the events.

It must be remembered that politics and sports should be separated. The best thing that could happen is if politics were flushed down the toilet during sporting events.

England Euro 2012 Squad

John Hodgson who is the coach of England left Rio Ferdinand out of the squad for reasons related to football. While people praise his decision, others criticize it since John Terry remains in the squad.

England has also seen its share of players out because of injury. The fear exists that the younger players are not experienced.

There is also the malaise that England will not win the Euro 2012 tournament. In the case of Hodgson, it would have been better to leave Terry and Ferdinand out.

Regardless of the drama and the talk of experience VS inexperience, England should forget what transpired for one month and enjoy the matches.

While many [including The Premier League Insider] predict an English defeat, it does not have to be necessary. If England and its squad would play and participate in Euro 2012 in a proactive way, maybe there could be a victory.

England has to think positive, imagine victory (as shown by ITV in the video clip "It's Good To Dream") and hope for the best. LET THE EURO 2012 GAMES BEGIN!!!