During our
special coverage of Euro 2012, The Premier League Insider invited Futbolita to
be interviewed. Futbolita accepted our invitation and the encounter was out of
this world.

At a time when
people try to look their best in being serious and perfect, Futbolita manages
to mix a dose of down to earth reporting with fun. It is for this reason
Futbolita is popular with the football personalities of the world.

For our readers,
The Premier League Insider presents the time it met and interviewed Futbolita.


1. How did the
concept of Futbolita get its start?



Futbolita is the Female Voice
of Football also known as 'Fabulous Insiders' of the game. We're all about the
football, the personalities and the culture surrounding it! We started it out
in 2008 with the intention of reaching out to as many women who were passionate
about the sport as possible. However, we also have a lot of supportive male
readers which is fantastic!



2. Is it
difficult to compete against the giant conglomerates of sports such as ESPN or
the BBC?



First of all, we don't consider
them our competitors although we are both media platforms. Futbolita injects a
personal, colourful and exclusive approach to our football coverage which is
not readily available on those mediums. We want fans to feel as if they are on
a fun journey with us- a journey with the teams, players, tournaments and
experiences. Anyone can be sitting with Futbolita on the train, when we are
there interviewing players or dancing at the training ground. We are
journalists - but we try to incorporate the fan experience in everything we do!



3. Will you have
a version of Futbolita in Spanish for Spain and Latin America? I am also asking
the question since Puerto Rico is experiencing an interest with the NASL [North
American Soccer League] Team The Puerto Rican Islanders?



Yes, we definitely would love
to reach out to our Spanish-speaking readers and the Latin American market in
the near future. A sizable number of Futbolita fans are from Puerto Rico, where
I can imagine the support for football is incredible as well.



4. If people want
to see Futbolita, where can they go to see the programs? for main
coverage, insights, interviews, gossip and news.  Futbolita.TV for our video clips and very
soon, we'll be on TV and will upload those clips to the Youtube Channel. At the
moment, we're also working with Yahoo! Southeast Asia and have several more
creative partnerships lined-up - stay tuned!



5. Futbolita
interviewed many personalities in football. Do you remember any interview that
was unforgettable?



Certainly, although it will be
hard to pick just one. I'd have to say that Jose Mourinho was one interviewee
who stood out - because he was insightful, intelligent and proved that he did
his research before sitting down for this interview. He surprised me a lot with
his responses, which is always nice in football. Besides Mourinho, Barcelona's
Xavi was brilliant and down to earth. I'd have to say Cristiano Ronaldo is
another one of my favourites because the whole experience of interviewing him
was surreal.




6. Will you cover the friendly match between Chelsea FC and AC Milan at
Sun Life Stadium in Miami Florida this July? The two European giants are
playing a friendly match at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Florida on July 28, 2012
at 6:00PM



Unfortunately no - during that
time, Futbolita will be doing some preseason work with Premier League clubs in
Asia including Arsenal and Man City, so we won't be able to fly to Miami.
However, we've already been to Chelsea several times and also worked with
Milan, so you guys are lucky to be able to watch the Champions League winners
'live' this season!



7. What sets you
aside from the competition?



Our identity speaks for itself
- we're Fabulous Football Insiders, female journalists who value substance over
form (although we occasionally have fun with gossip, which is normal). And
really, it's hard not to have fun when we're around!



8. Will you be
reporting about the CONCACAF Gold Cup and the 2014 FIFA World Cup?



Hopefully, yes - we will be
covering the World Cup in Brazil, as we have many  friends there and work closely with the
'selecao brasileira' as well. Brazil's culture and passion resonates with us,
and it's part of our brand identity as well. So 2014 is a definite 'must' for



9. Do you have a
message for the world?



Be passionate about what you do
and LOVE IT! Live life on the edge - keep drawing, writing, reading, observing
and exploring! :)



10. Will you be
reporting about Euro 2012?



Of course! Our international
'Futbolitas' based in Poland and Ukraine will be bringing you the most exciting
coverage which comprises of exclusive reports, insider experiences and of
course, fan interactions!



11. Will you be
reporting the 2012 Olympics?



Yes, especially since there is
a huge focus on women's football there - and that's really where we think we
can come in and go all the way. Besides, the men's football tournament will be
particularly interesting with the formation of the Great Britain squad - we'd
love to see how that pans out and if they can go all the way and get the gold!


deserves a thank you for accepting our invitation at such short notice. Our
best wishes for Futbolita and her coverage of Euro 2012.

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